About Bobby Sargent

Bobby Sargent has been a stuntman, stunt coordinator and director for over 35 years and has performed many of the most spectacular stunts in motion picture history.  He comes from a background as a World Champion Athlete in trampoline, gymnastics, diving and high diving.  Representing the United States on numerous world teams, he holds a succession of major titles including, AAU National Champion, Gold Medalist in the America Cup World Championship in Mexico City, World Professional Spring Board Diving, Word Record High Diving and the Acapulco Cliff Diving Championship.  Bobby has been featured and appeared on ABC’s Wide World of Sports, Sports World and other sport productions. At 22, he owned and operated his own gymnastics school and conducted workshops throughout the world.  He was voted one of the Top Ten Coaches in the United States and also served for six years as advisor to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness.

After introducing new and innovative stunts, fresh ideas and ways to apply his extensive background with cars, boats and motorcycles he was offered the enviable position as stunt double for Burt Reynolds.  He performed in many films with Mr. Reynolds including Smokey and the Bandit, Cannonball Run, Sharkey’s Machine, Stick and Rough Cut, creating many of the action sequences seen in these and other action films including First Blood, Uncommon Valor, Police Squad – The Naked Gun and Dazed and Confused.  He became a most in-demand writer/creator of action sequences working with top producers and directors in the industry including Francis Ford Coppolla, Hal Needham, Don Siegal, Carl Reiner, Joe Dante, Ted Kotcheff, Steven Soderberg, Chris Columbus, Peter Bogdanovich, John Millous, David Marek and the Zooker Brothers.  Aside from Burt Reyonlds, he has created and performed stunts for such stars as Kirk Douglas, Nick Nolte, Roger Moore, Sylvester Stallone, Don Johnson, Leslie Nielsen, Ben Affleck, Daniel Baldwin and Peter Fonda.  He has been featured in the books, “Burt Reynolds Life Story,” Jeff Bridges book “Making Texasville,” and “Hollywood Stunt Performers.”  He is a member of the Hollywood Stuntman Hall of Fame in Moab, Utah.

Bobby’s work in this extremely competitive industry has been a classic climb to success and he is recognized by the industry for his competence, integrity and his extensive knowledge.  Bobby brings to every project his expertise in action direction and stunts, his knowledge of the inner workings of the film industry and most importantly, his ability to be world-class in everything he does.

STUNT CREDITS (partial list)


Texasville                                                   Stingray

Wedding Band                                           Piranha

Shadow Force                                            In God We Trust

Slaughter Of The Innocents                        The Pack

License to Drive                                          Soggy Bottom USA

Heartbreak Hotel                                        The Black Hole

Police Squad (The Naked Gun)                  Valentino Returns

Alien Nation                                               The Roadie

Smokey and the Bandit II                          Alligator

Cannonball Run                                         Surf II

Sharkey’s Machine                                     Private School

Rough Cut                                                  Spruce Goose

Stick                                                           Black Moon Rising

The Villain                                                  Booby Trap

Endangered Species                                 Guardian Angel

First Blood                                                 Uncommon Valor

The Jerk                                                     Dollar A Day

Cannery Row                                             Avenging Angel

Outlaw Blues                                              Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Terror In The Isles                                       She Came To The Valley

Captured/Split Images                               The Night The Lights Went Out

Heart Like A Wheel                                              In Georgia

The Shirley Muldowney Story                    Dazed and Confused



Gideon Oliver                                             Celebrity Daredevils

The Greatest American Hero                      Stunts Unlimited (Pilot)

The Dukes Of Hazard                                 Hear No Evil

The Fall Guy                                              Salvage I

Hill Street Blues                                         Nero Wolf

T.J. Hooker                                                Cliff Hangers

Reemington Steele                                   Wizards And Warriors

When The Whistle Blows                          The Quest

Richard Hogue Weekdays                         Man Under Cover

Cannonball Crazies                                    Brothers-In-Law

Whole Nine Yards                                     Stockers

Helltown                                                  Hollywood Beat

Love and Honor                                       Hollywood Nights




AMC Jeep                                                 Toyota

Tavist                                                         Toyota Truck

Adrans (Acapulco Cliff Dive)                     Coffee Crisp

La Brisca Beer (Mexican)                           Carta Blanca



Stevie Ray Vaughn                                  Jimmy Vaughn


2006 Alpha Omega (stunt coordinator)
2001 Deadly Rhapsody (stunts)
2001 Waking Life (stunts)
1995 Underneath (stunt coordinator)
1993 Slaughter of the Innocents (stunt coordinator)
1993 Dazed and Confused (stunts)
1992 A Taste for Killing (TV movie) (stunts)
1992 Ned Blessing: The True Story of My Life (TV movie) (stunt coordinator)
1992 Caged Fear (stunt coordinator)
1991 Hard Promises (stunt coordinator)
1991 Knight Rider 2000 (TV movie) (stunts)
1990 Texasville (stunt coordinator)
1990 Masters of Menace (stunts)
1989 Weekend at Bernie’s (stunts)
1989 A Nightmare on Drug Street (TV series) (stunts)
1988 Heartbreak Hotel (stunts)
1988 License to Drive (stunts)
1986 Wired to Kill (stunts)
1985 Space Rage (stunts)
1985 Stick (stunts – as Bobby Sargeant)
1985 Avenging Angel (stunts)
1983 Private School (stunts)
1983 Heart Like a Wheel (stunts – as Bob Sargent)
1982 First Blood (stunts – as Bobby Sargeant)
1982 Split Image (stunts – as Bobby Ray Sargeant)
1981 Sharky’s Machine (stunts)
1981 Soggy Bottom, U.S.A. (stunts)
1980 Smokey and the Bandit II (stunt double: Burt Reynolds, stunts)
1980 Alligator (stunt performer)
1979 The Black Hole (stunts)
1979 The Villain (stunts – as Bobby Sargeant)
1979 She Came to the Valley (stunt coordinator)
1978 Stingray (stunts)
1978 Piranha (stunts)
1977 The Pack (stunts – uncredited)
1977 Outlaw Blues (stunts)

1977 Smokey and the Bandit (stunt double: Burt Reynolds – uncredited, stunts – uncredited)

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