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ADRENALINE – do you have what it takes?

TXSTAR Entertainment is proud to offer an opportunity to participate in the production of a new reality television series that is in the final stages of development titled “Adrenaline”. If you have watched television in the past couple of years I’m sure you realize Reality Television is sweeping the airways with their low production cost, and high yield programming. “Adrenaline” is a series that travels to major film locations throughout the world to feature the most spectacular stunts and action sequences of today’s blockbuster motion pictures, and other big action productions. Each episode will be fast-paced and action packed with a unique insight into stunt performers and their risky business. One of our Executive Producers is Lawana Scales, formerly the Program Director for both CBS and NBC and the recipient of nine Emmys. Lawana will assure the most advantageous placement opportunities for “Adrenaline” at the Top where it belongs. Our other Executive Producer is Bobby Sargent, a 35 year veteran Stuntman, Stunt Coordinator, Second Unit Director and Director. Bobby is also a member of the Hollywood Stuntman Hall of Fame and can take us where no cameras have been before to share what really goes on behind the scenes. Minerva Madrid-Urie, a two-time Emmy-winning Producer is on board to assure a top-quality series that stays a cut above the rest. Being Hispanic, she is interested in placing this series in all Spanish-speaking countries. Jay Kirtley, a valued Associate Producer will assure “Adrenaline” the opportunity for worldwide exposure. Jay has a 30 year history with Sony providing elaborate video suites and production facilities including computer and internet programming throughout the US, and Spanish-speaking countries. Jay is currently involved in a multi-million dollar project setting up the production facilities for Julio Zapala’s new Latino network “Continental”, based out of Miami. The enormity and scope of this network is unsurpassed. In a conversation with Jay, Mr. Zapata expressed interest and enthusiasm in acquiring “Adrenaline” for his network.

Our series will delve into the psyche of Stunt Performers from inspiration and preparation to completion of the stunt or stunt sequence. Several behind-the-scenes cameras will cover the crucial preparation from each department’s contribution necessary to complete the sequence. We will be there to see the Cinematographer and Camera Operators review the choreography and coverage of each stunt to assure continuity and completion of the action sequence. Vehicles of all kinds have been developed or adapted to allow cameras to go and stay in the middle of the action and we will take you there.
TXSTAR is offering the ability for your local sponsors to be attached to this program with high energy and impact.”Adrenaline ” represents a targeted audience with a focus on consumers that enjoy action on the big screen and in their daily lives. Our goal is to include and connect with our audience whenever possible.

The Production: Quality and broad ranging appeal would make “Adrenaline” a unique and powerful acquisition for any television venue. This program will be fresh every week allowing the viewer insight into the world of motion pictures in a way that has never been seen before. Meet the people, feel the danger, experience the pressure that exists when your life and the lives of others are in your hands. Feel the exhilaration by the stunt performers, and the entire cast and crew when a big stunt or stunt sequence is completed successfully . In the words of a stunt man “you can experience the pucker factor”. Let us bring your audience to the edge of their seat and a desire for more.

If you’re interested in adding some Adrenaline into your broadcast lineup, contact us for more information. We will gladly answer any questions or set up a meeting at your convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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